Monday, May 3, 2010

Founding Father

My son Jacob who is in Kindergarden (Prep for my Aussie peeps out there) had a class presentation on American Hero's last Thursday. Each parent was asked to bring along a food item for the "After Party", oh yeah these are party hard kids, hehehehe! Well i said i would bring not hard to guess.....a cake :-) I wanted to make a cake along with the theme of the event, so i used a cake i was already starting to decorate in my Wilton class and stripped it of its girly flowers, finished doing the not so great job on my first time swags around the cake, then used Clipart and found a silhouette of George Washington and cut it out of MM fondant. It was a chocolate fudge cake with chocolate butter cream filling and frosting, i didn't get to imaginative there this time.
I did have fun decorating it and was even more delighted to see the looks on the parents faces when they saw it. Hope you like it.

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