Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I made my First Fondant Decorated Cake today, wooohoo!

I dove in head first, that's usually how i do things, my big Spanish/Australian/American head first hahaha. I used a Marshmallow Fondant recipe i found at this link
I was really surprised at how easy it was to make but i have made lots of bread from scratch so the kneading part was easy and a lot of fun. I split the finished Fondant in half and used Wilton Gel Frosting Colors to color one portion with brown and the other with black. I have heard that you need to use a LOT of the black Gel to get a black color but it was not true in my case, I only used 4 tooth pick dips of the black gel wiped on the fondant then kneaded through to get my final product you see (if i can figure out how to get a photo on here, nope not a computer savvy person) in this Easter cake.

I made a Butter Cake from here it made my house smell divine and my husband sampled the cut offs and said it was the best he had tasted, Oh yeah I'm AWESOME!!!

But........I did cheat on the frosting under the fondant, I used the Wilton White (Vanilla) Frosting that comes in a small bucket for $12, of course you can make it for Much cheaper but since i had been having Butter Cream malfunctions with my last few batches, i thought i would give this a try.
It took me an hour and a half to cut out each tiny circle of fondant and put it on the cake but the effort was well worth the outcome. I finished by piping vines, leaves and flowers i had just learned to make in my Wilton Class just a few days earlier all over the cake to signify new life. I hope you like my first Fondant Cake it was sooo much fun to make :) And it makes me so happy to be giving it to our Churches Easter Sunday Breakfast, who said you cant have cake for breakfast? Silly person who ever it was ;)