Monday, May 3, 2010

Stampin' it up with the Ladies.

Last Thursday night i went to a friends house to partake of her Card making class. I also wanted to do a practice run for a cake that a man had ordered from me for his wife's Birthday. I found a beautiful picture of the cake i wanted to do on so i printed it out. I made this particular cake rich red velvet with vanilla buttercream filling and frosted with chocolate butter cream. Then i used Pirouette cookies to cover the out side of the cake, almost looking like flower stems, then put on some very colorful large silk flowers on top, and a cute green ribbon around the cookies to finish the look of a bouquet of flowers. The kids at my friends house stayed up past their bed time because they wanted cake and my friend was too scared to cut the darn thing, hahaha. Come on it does look awesome if i say so myself ;-) I am just loving this new adventure my life has taken on.

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  1. That cake WAS too beautiful to cut, but it would have been even more sinful not to eat it, because it was DELICIOUS! The kids and the hubby had a really hard time waiting for it to be cut! You're so awesome, Desi! We stampers were happy to be test subjects for that cake!