Saturday, April 3, 2010

What makes or breaks a Bunny Cake Pop baking project ??

The answer, drum roll please............. READING THE INSTRUCTIONS, or in my case being an idiot and NOT READING THEM. In my very crappy defense and i do mean crappy, i thought to my self "cake on a stick how hard can it, i mean i make awesome Shish-Kabobs ".
Now i am hearing Martha Stewart in my head saying "Baking is a science, careful measuring, careful instruction". Inner Martha Bugger Off you know it all kitchen queen!! Now because i have become wise (just a few minutes ago) in all things Bunny Cake Pops, i will attempt to redeem myself from today's ending result my Demented Blob Bunnies (pictured above), to make ones that look half decent and actually stay on the stick, hehehehe : ) Even though they look scary and you think if you ate one it would gnaw its way out of your body, my husband said they tasted awesome but now he feels sick because he ate tooooo many and they are Very, Very sweet, so just one of my Demented Blobs (because they are huge) is more than enough. I will make them much smaller tomorrow. Till then Happy Making, Baking and Decorating!

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